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VEGGIE/VEGAN friendly make-up available ONLINE.

And so here we are once more...
I recently re-wrote and updated the guide to veggie/vegan make-up available on the high street, so thought I'd best do the same with the online guide. I was originally going to do one big post for both, but it was going to be MASSIVE and would've been a slog for anyone reading it....which I suppose is a good thing, the more the better, right!

As with the high street guide I have tried to avoid putting companies owned by a parent company that do test on animals, feel free to let me know if one has slipped in there. And again in most cases this is because the parent company sells on mainland China where animal testing of products is obligatory (this only affects the mainland, Hong Kong does not come under this law). Only products SOLD in Chinese stores there, a company can sell to Chinese consumers via their website and remain cruelty free. Products made in China for sale elsewhere are not effected by this law, so don't worry if you see 'made in China' or 'made in P.R.C'.

As usual I have alphabetised the list to make it easier to skim through and of course I have included links. It's split in companies that have a UK distributor and those who ship internationally to the UK from their website. 
It's a much expanded list since last time, so buckle up!

Online cosmetic companies from UK sites

100% Pure (UK site) - Natural skincare company offering fruit pigmented cosmetics! Items are marked vegetarian or vegan on their individual listing on their site.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (UK site) - This indie brand became huge thanks to their brow pomades and grew even bigger with their eyeshadow pallets (not veggie though, sorry). They are cruelty free, but there are whispers that they're getting ready to sell to a larger company, so hopefully they stay that way. 
As well as their UK site they also sell trough Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and IntuVegan Vagabond has the most up to date list of vegan products I could find, see it HERE.

Arbonne Cosmetics (click UK on upload) - Arbonne are a company specialising in botanically based cosmetics and toiletries and nutrition. They are sold through 'reps', who quite frankly can be a bit sales pushing scary, but you can also purchase from their online site. Their products contain no animal by products individual listings have the Vegan Society logo on them.

Beauty Bakerie - Peta certified brand that offer products in adorable bakery inspired packaging. My friend Rach says they have the best liquid lipsticks she's ever tried, & she is the authority on these things as far as I'm concerned! 
UK stockists are Cult Beauty, Cocktail Cosmetics, Love Make-up, Intu and ASOSMost of their products are vegan, see Vegan Tumblr's post on it HERE.

Beauty Without Cruelty (uk site) - This is a brand that has pioneered cruelty free cosmetics, as the name suggests, since the 1980's. All of their products are vegan & they carry the Vegan Society logo.

BH Cosmetics - US based cosmetics company that offer budget friendly high performance make-up...& they do all kinds of crazy sales! Their vegan products are marked as such on their individual listings on their website. They ship internationally from their site, UK stockists are a bit pricier and don't do the sales that their own site do, so you could be cheaper ordering direct. 
UK stockists include Urban Outfitters , Notino, Makeup Mart and Beauty Bay.

Bleach London - Bleach are an entirely vegan brand who have now expanded from hair products into make-up. Their make-up is pretty budget friendly with prices starting at £3. 
They sell on their site as well as the Superdrug website.

Catrice Cosmetics - European cruelty free budget brand with some vegan options. UK stockists are Notino and Inish Pharmacy
Cruelty Free Malta has a list of vegan products on their blog, see it HERE.

City Color Cosmetics - Vegan brand from the States with Peta approval offering budget beauty. 
UK stockists are SM Beauty and Makeup Mart.

Colour Pop - This LA based indie brand shot into the spotlight with the help of social networking. They're renowned for their eyeshadows but have now branched into lip and face products. Individual listings have weather they are vegan marked in the ingredients section at the bottom right of the listing.
UK stockists are Glam MUA and House of Beauty.

Coloured Raine - US Peta certified indie brand. Their eyeshadows are meant to be amazing. UK stockists are Beauty Bay and Makeup Mart
Logical Harmony has a list of their vegan products, see it HERE.

Concrete Minerals - All Vegan make-up brand who are Peta and Leaping Bunny approved. They specialise in vibrant eye shades, their products are also talc and paraben free. They ship worldwide (just change the currency drop down a the top right of the page to GBP) & UK stockist is Makeup Without Malice

Dermacol (UK site) - Dermacol is a professional make-up brand who started in the Czech Republic creating products for theatre and film. They gained a lot of attention recently for their full coverage foundation (but I think it works well as a mixing medium). Ira Vampira has a list of their NON-VEGAN products (list products under the non-vegan ingredient). See it HERE (hopefully it comes up in english, if not just go to the Google translate dropdown box on the top right hand corner).
As well as their UK site they are also available on Just My Look, Moon Cosmetics, Notino and the Fabb.

Divina Organics - UK based beauty brand selling on etsy. They do great sales and offer samples of their foundations so you can match your shade before buying a 30ml bottle, which is great. Their only non-vegan item is the lip balm (it contains beeswax).

Everyday Minerals - All vegan cosmetics brand. They ship worldwide from their website, UK stockists are Cocktail Cosmetics and Ecco Verde.

Face Atllier -  Peta and Leaping Bunny approved professional make-up brand who are in the process of making all of their products vegan. In the meantime they have a short list of products NOT considered vegan, see it HERE
UK stockists are Tilt Professional Make-up & Sable Beauty.

Honesty Cosmetics (uk) - Another good all rounder site. Everything on here is vegan and products range from make-up and skin care to hair products and sun care. 

Honeybee Gardens - All vegan company who are Peta approved and all about being natural and recycling, they use all organic ingredients and they're very reasonably priced
They ship internationally priced on item weight and UK stockists include Amazon and Henna Herbals.

Inika (UK site) - Australian all organic, paraben free, mineral oil free make-up and skin care  certified by everyone going!! I recently got their BB cream and concealer and am a fan of their primer.

Jecca Make-up - All vegan make-up brand founded by make-up artist Jecca Blackler. It's in it's infancy only offering a few products for now.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Drag extraordinare and social media sensation Jeffree Star started his own cosmetic brand a few years back specialising in velour liquid lipsticks and has now branched out into highlighters and eyeshadows. Each product is marked as vegan in it's individual listing. It's worth noting that Jeffree has been caught up in many a drama  over the years, but one of the most persistent and serious is the suggestion that he's really rather racist. So you may want to look more into that before considering your purchase.  They ship international from their site, UK stockists are Beauty Bay.

Javia's Place - A cosmetic brand developed for deep skin tones that offers some beautiful coloured pallets. They do some pretty great sales and bundles on their site and ship internationally. I got their Masquerade mini pallet for just over £20 including shipping that would have cost £30 from a UK stockist (before shipping). 
UK stockists are Beauty Bay and Makeup MartAll of their eyeshadow pallets are vegan as said in the FAQ's of their site.

Kett Cosmetics -  US based professional make-up brand best known for their airbrush products. All of their make-up is Leaping Bunny approved and vegan.
UK stockists are Love Make-up (they offer a pro discount on certain brands), Guru Makeup Emporium & Tilt Professional Make-up (both more expensive than Love Make-up).

LA Girl (UK site) - US make-up brand who've been making a big noise among beauty bloggers recently with their quality budget beauty products. As well as the UK site other stockists are Just My Look, Intu, Beauty Bay, Make-up Mart and Beauty BaseMiss Red has a list of their vegan and non-vegan products (many of which are veggie) and this girl worked haaaaaard for this info, so let us rejoice. See it HERE
Lili Lolo (UK site) - UK based cosmetic brand offering paraben and fragrance free products. 90% of their make-up is vegan, but some does contain carmine (crushed insects that provide red pigment). See the list of these products in the FAQ's on their website HERE.

LunatICK Cosmetics Labs - 100% vegan alt brand, they're talc free and paraben free and they even have an Elvira range!! They ship internationally from their site, UK sites are Cocktail Cosmetics and Love Make-up.

Makeup Geek - This brand has became huge in recent years, with no small thanks to social networking. They ship worldwide from their site, UK suppliers are Beauty Bay, Makeup Mart and House of Beauty.
See their vegan products from their website HERE.

Make-up Monsters - US based all vegan indie alt brand offering cosmetics and crazy colour hair dyes. They ship internationally from their site (prices are in GBP when you click into site) and UK stockists are Hooked Up Shop.

Manic Panic (uk site)-The original iconic cosmetics of the alt scene. I emailed them to double check that their full range is still vegan as I couldn't see anything about it on the website and got the following response. 'Hello, Yes, the entire Manic Panic range is Vegan, and also PPD Free. Kind Regards Sian Austin'

Medusa's Make-up - All vegan indie alternative make-up brand, they offer some super bright eye pigment. They're pretty reasonably priced, too. 
They offer worldwide shipping from their site (starting at $16.95), UK stockists are Makeup Without Malice, Attitude Clothing and they have an Amazon shop.
Melt Cosmetics -Cruelty free and vegan items are as such marked on their websites listings.
They ship worldwide from their site and UK stockists are Beauty Bay, though their stock is limited.

Milani Make-up (UK site) - Italian drugstore brand that are cruelty free and offer a few vegan options. I have one of their baked blushes and it's lovely and I recently bought their eyeshadow primer. UK stockists are Makeup Mart, Just My Look  Comedic and Beauty BayTheir Australian website identifies it's vegan products in their individual listings (no idea why it's UK site doesn't). See it HERE.

Milk Make-up - Super trendy and mega expensive, Milk Make-up are all over YouTube thanks to some savvy PR and interesting products. UK stockists are London Loves Beauty
They say that 60% of their products are vegan, see the list from their website HERE.

Nabla - Italian company that prides itself on being a bit different. Their products are all vegetarian and their vegan items are are marked in the 'ingredients and details' section of each listing (the only non-vegan item they use id beeswax).
UK stockists are House of Beauty.

Neve Cosmetics - Italian indie brand that offer veggie and vegan products (marked on individual product listings in their site). UK stockists are Cocktail Cosmetics and Beauty Chamber,

OCC Obsessive Compulsive - All vegan make-up out of the US.
They ship worldwide & UK stockists are Love Make-up.

Ofra Cosmetics - High end brand developed by make-up artist Ofra Gaito and her husband all free from animal derived ingredients.
UK stockists are Beauty Bay, House of Beauty, Your Vanity, Makeup Mart and Hooked Up Shop.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics - All vegan company that specialise in liquid lipsticks. They ship worldwide from their site for $13. UK stockist is Make-up Without Malice.

Radioactive Unicorn - All vegan British indie company offering all vegan nail varnishes, liquid lipsticks and highlighters. I follow their Instagram cos the videos they post of mixing the varnishes are very satisfying.

The sell from their site; as well as Little Booteek.

RCMA - Established in the 60's this professional make-up brand renowned for it's no colour powder. UK stockists are Love Make-up, Beauty Bay, Tilt Professional Make-up and Guru Make-up Emporium.

Cruelty Free Becky contacted them and all of their products are vegan bar their face creams. See post HERE.

Sarah Hill Cosmetics - Sarah Hill is a Glasgow based makeup artist who has turned her hand to creating her own line of cosmetics. Everything is vegan with the exception of the eye liners (which are veggie) & they are Peta approved. 

Sugarpill Cosmetics - All cruelty free make-up specialising is vibrant colours. UK stockists are Love Make-up 
They have a vegan section on their website, see it HERE.

Tropic (UK site)- Tropic are another one of those brands that have reps you can buy from, but they also sell online. They're all botanical and Vegan Society approved.

Vegan Faces (UK site) - OK, so these guys are actually a company offering face paints.....but who am I to judge how folks go about applying their make-up! All vegan and Vegan Society approved.

Violet Voss - US cruelty free brand with vegan options marked in the product description  on their website. UK stockists are Cult Beauty, Glam Saidey, Make-up Land, Face and False Lashes.

Wet'n'wild - Budget, Peta approved make-up brand. They don't ship worldwide, UK stockists are Intu and Makeup Mart.
They are working on becoming 100% vegan, in the meantime see their vegan product list HERE.

Online Cosmetic sites that ship internationally

Addictive Cosmetics - US based indie brand. They ship worldwide from the site and they have an Etsy shop (where the shipping is much clearer).

Aromi Beauty -  All vegan brand certified by Peta and Leaping Bunny specialising in lip products. They ship UK from their Etsy shop.

Austrailis Cosmetics - Australian company that is cruelty free. Can't find a UK based distributer but they do ship to the UK.
They list their vegan products on their website, see it HERE.

Black Moon Cosmetics - All vegan company that rose to fame as a result of a law suit they had against Jeffree Star and Manny MUA for ripping off their very lovely packaging. They ship internationally from their site, shipping cost comes up after you put in you delivery details (before payment).

Cleof Cosmetics - All vegan cosmetics brand from the US, they offer international shipping from their site.

Devinah - Indie brand that started on Etsy and is now getting tonnes of attention from YouTube vloggers for their colour rich eyeshadows. Their individual listings say weather it is vegan or not vegan. They ship internationally from their site, but couldn't see shipping costs.

Exurbe Cosmetics - Swiss brand that is 100% vegan. UKP currency drop box is at the top right corner of their home page.

The Facial Bar - All vegan beauty brand that started in 2016 offering skin care and cosmetics. They ship internationally from their site for $10.00.

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc - US company that ships worldwide, all cruelly free and vegan cosmetics, the only animal by products can be found on the hair of their make-up brushes which are cruelty free. They can also be found on Amazon.

Red Apple Lipstick - US indie brand out of Texas offering all vegan products that are free from pretty much every nasty.....and they do much more than just lipstick...
They ship internationally from their site

Silk Naturals - US Peta certified indie brand offering skincare and make-up. Their vegan items are identified as such in individual product listings on their site. They offer international shipping.

Yaby Cosmetics - Professional make-up brand based out of Canada with all vegan products. They used to be sold on various UK sites, but can't find any now. They ship to the UK from their site (you can check your chart at any time for shipping calculation) & they offer a professional discount and they sell through Camera Ready Cosmetics (they offer a 40% pro discount).

Zuzu Lux - 100% vegan company within the Gabriel Cosmetics family. They ship internationally from their site and can be found on Amazon (where some of it's stupidly expensive)

So whats changed since the list was last written?

Well first off the lis is soooo much bigger, which is fantastic. There's some real variety in there from budget to luxury, indie to big brands and plenty of UK stockists. I'll keep going in to do check ups and put last updated at the top of the page, hopefully it keeps getting bigger.
Brands we've lost? Well, Tarte was on there before, but I now know that they are predominately owned by Japanese company Kose who are animal testers (they own Rimmel amongst many others), so I took them out this time. Also Paula's Choice are gone as they seem to have changed their mind about some of their products being vegan and state on their site that they make no vegan claims. So not too bad, all in all....

Handy sites

Logical Harmony - This site is a really great resource and it's founder Tashina Combs updates it weekly! They have all kinds of useful information ranging from product reviews to a detailing typical animal derived ingredients. They have a complied a list of cruelty free companies that have vegan options. Every company on the list has been contacted directly by Logical Harmony. 
See their list  here.

My Beauty Bunny - this is a fantastic blog, absolutely bursting with information. Def worth a follow....even has a phone app! 

Cruelty Free Kitty - Another info powerhouse filled with cruelty free info, reviews and shopping directories.

Its worth noting that often, when looking online, when a company has a UK site that the lists of vegan/veggie suitability can actually be found on their .com or US sites. It's always worth having a look.

Wednesday 20 December 2017


UPDATED 12/01/18

Well, hello there lovely friends.

Once more it has been an absolute age since i wrote anything....of course it has! So I thought it was about time that i not only updated the whole veggie/vegan make-up list, but wrote a nice fresh post on it. It's been a while since I even updated the original post (thanks for that, motherhood) and much has changed, some good, some bad. I was going to do an online/on the high street all in one, but it was just gonna be way to large a post, so that's a definite plus. 
Again I have tried to avoid putting companies owned by a parent company who does test on animals, please let me know if one has slipped in there. It's worth noting that in most cases this is because the parent company sells on mainland China where animal testing of products is obligatory (this only affects the mainland, Hong Kong does not come under this law). Bare in mind that this only effects products SOLD in stores there, a company can sell to Chinese consumers via their website and remain cruelty free. Also, products made in China for sale elsewhere are not effected by this law, so don't worry if you see 'made in China' or 'made in P.R.C'.
As usual I've (tried to) alphabetise it. All the lists of what is veggie friendly is to be found online, regardless of how you purchase it, of course I have included links. It's a big 'un, so lets get stuck in....

Veggie/vegan make-up list.

B (by Superdrug) - B is Superdrug's premier range of of skincare and make-up (they also offer Studio and Flutter make-up in sets at Christmas time, both veggie/vegan). Early this year they rebranded the make-up and it's now finally available in store, rather the solely online (though the full line is still to be found on their website). I previously loved one of their foundations so would definitely like to try the new ones and their lengthening mascara is my favourite of all time (it's a tubing mascara).
All of B make-up is vegan and can be found in most Superdrug stores.

The Balm - Multi tasking products that come in adorable packaging. It is rather high end price wise for the drugstore. Alien on Toast has a list of their vegan products, see it HERE.

The Balm is available to buy in Superdrug and Debenhams stores.

Barry M - Barry M are a British company and all their cosmetics are made here in the UK. Veggie friendly and most of their products are vegan. Their little vegan symbol can be found in the ingredients section of their products. And we all love their shimmer pots, right?
Barry M cosmetics can be found in most branches of Superdrug and Boots.

Beautiful Me (Beautiful movements) cosmetics - Beautiful Movements state on their site that they are proud to be cruelty free and BUVA approved, contain no parabens and on their Facebook page states that all of their products are vegetarian and mostly vegan. Well, I can't actually find a list of those vegan products, but I think it should be pretty easy to figure out what is and isn't by looking at the ingredients. The main culprit will probably be beeswax (cera alba), honey and possibly lanolin.
Beautiful Me can be found in Holland and Barrett stores, see which ones HERE. (first on faq's).

The Body Shop - Welcome back the Body Shop, woohoo! Formally owned by L'Oreal they have now been bought by Brazilian company Natura. It's good to have them back in the fold as Anita Roderick was one of the early front runners in creating cruelty free products and trying to encourage others to follow suit. Their blush and eyebrow powders were great back in the day and I'm excited to see if they're still of such high quality now.
All of their products are vegetarian and all their vegan products are listed on one handy page on their website. If in any doubt just consult this page here.
The Body Shop stores can be found in most city centres and larger shopping centres.
Find their store locations HERE.

Butter London - Butter London are best known for their nail products. I have their topcoat and, I have to day, it's pretty damn good. In recent years they branched out into makeup with the likes of lip glosses, liquid lipsticks and some eye products. The Ethical Elephant contacted them earlier this year and they provided them with a list of their vegan friendly products, see it HERE.
Butter London can be found in larger Boots stores and M&S stores.

Charlotte Tilbury - Charlotte Tilbury is a celebrity make-up artist with fabulous ginger hair who now has her own luxury range of cosmetics...& we're talking luxury (£24 for a lipstick). They are cruelty free and The Purist contacted them this year about what vegan products they offer. They were told that the only animal product they use is carmine and they provided a list of NON veggie/vegan friendly products. See it HERE.

I've never tried any of their make-up because I'm too poor.
Charlotte Tilbury can be found in House of Fraser department stores.

Collection - Celebrating 30 years in the beauty industry this year. I'm sure many of us have fond memories from back in the day when these guys were known as Collection 2000, popping down your local Boots to spend your pocket couldn't beat it. They're still a budget beauty must have for many and they've really upped their game since the good ol' days. I recently purchased their lasting perfection concealer as I've heard good things.
See their list of veggie/vegan friendly products HERE.
Collection make-up can be found in most branches of Superdrug, Boots, Wilkos, some larger Morrison's and Asda supermarkets and Semichem.

Cover FX - Peta approved US based almost all vegan make-up brand (MintTint FX & MintGlaze FX are the only 2 non-vegan products they have) who are also gluten, paraben, talk and mineral oil free, they are know for their very wide range of foundation colours.They are available in Harvey NicolsSpace NK and House of Fraser (UK online suppliers are Beauty Bay & Cult Beauty). 

Essence Cosmetics - Essence are a European company who have just celebrated their 15th birthday. They are VERY budget friendly brand and are gaining cult status as they offer a fair few excellent products. I love their waterproof liquid eyeliner, their matt pressed powder and green colour corrector. They have a good list of vegan friendly product, but they release new stuff all the time, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on them to update as often as possible.

Cruelty Free Malta routinely contacts them for their vegan products as they release new stuff twice a year, see their latest list HERE (older posts are at the the bottom and worth checking for products from past collections). The Ethical Elephant has contacted them for a vegan product list, see it HERE, as has 
Essence Cosmetics can be found in Wilkos stores with their full range on Wilkos online.

E.L.F - E.LF reached iconic status a few years ago as a super budget friendly brand with many must have products. Admittedly, their price range seems to have gone up a fair bit in the UK (much pricier than the US), but still not too harsh on the purse. ALL of their make-up is vegan and the only exception to their brand is a few brushes that are animal hair. 
I've had a few of their products over the years and am rather fond of their baked blush and eyelash primer.
E.L.F can now be found in Superdrug stores.

EX1 Cosmetics - Cosmetic line that was originally developed by biochemist Farah Naz with deeper skin tones in mind they made a lot of noise amongst beauty bloggers with their invisiwear foundations. They now offer 13 shades in it and their mineral foundation.
I recently contacted them and was told that all their products are vegan with the exception of the Delete Concealer which contains beeswax (cera alba), which is still veggie.
EX1 is available in larger branches of Boots stores. 

Fenty Beauty - Well, if you haven't heard of Fenty I hope you're enjoying life under that rock, cos that's where you must've been to avoid it!! Rhianna is now responsible for her own cosmetic line, naming it after her own surname no less, and it has been ALL OVER social networking and YouTube. They actually offer a few vegan friendly products which they have listed in the f.a.q's (HERE) .
Fenty Beauty can be found in branches of Harvey Nicols in the UK, so you're gonna have to travel to a major city to find it.

Freedom Professional London - Freedom is one of 3 sister brands on this list from the Tam Beauty family (the others being I Heart Make-up and Makeup Revolution). I am going to list them separate to make it easier for those looking to skim over the list.
Freedom is the slightly more expensive (& I mean slightly) of the 3 as it's their 'professional' brand, but its still hell'a cheap. We're talking seriously purse friendly! I've heart really good things about many of the Tam Beauty products I recently bought a lip cream trio for 6 quid! 6 quid!! And they also offer blank magnetic pallets for £5 & £6, which is ace for those not wanting to shell out for a Z Pallet. The Tam Beauty website marks weather it's products are vegan on their individual listings. 
Freedom cosmetics can be found in Superdrug stores, though not all of them. Personally I've found it in small stores but not some of the larger ones, oddly.

GOSH - GOSH are a cruelty free drugstore brand hailing from Copenhagen who offer a few fashion fixes as well as every day staples. I have a couple of their lip liners, which is a product I've struggled with a bit since making all my make-up veggie friendly, & they're pretty good. I also hear good things about their lash growth products.

They have absolutely tonnes of vegan products, see the list from their website HERE.
Their products are sold in Superdrug stores and the veggie and vegan items are listed as so on their product description on the Superdrug website, too.

Hourglass make-up - Hourglass look to have some really good products and I've seen many YouTube beauty channel salivating over them, but I don't fancy re-mortgaging so I can afford their prices.....they are definitely high end. 
They have a list of vegan products on their website, see it here.
Hourglass make-up can be found in John Lewis stores, Space NK and Sephora.

I Heart Make-up - The second of the Tam Beauty family to appear, these are the guys that do those unicorn heart highlighters everyone was peeing their pants about recently as well as a range of those chocolate bar eyeshadow pallets that look adorable. I now have the mint chocolate and golden chocolate bar pallets....I couldn't help myself!
Again, these products are extremely budget friendly and the website marks weather a product is vegan or not in it's individual listing.
I Heart Make-up can be found in larger Superdrug stores.

Illamasqua - Illamasqua are a high end cosmetics company with edge. The have a massive range of professional products and an amazing shade range. I enjoy their Hydra Veil primer as it feels lovely and hydrating on the skin as well as helping your foundation last longer. It's also worth noting that they offer a 40% online discount to professional make-up artists, which is pretty damn good!
The now have a vegan make-up section on their website, see it here.
Illamasqua can be found in Debenham's department stores.

Kat Von D - Well, I know this one excites a lot of you. A professional make-up brand that's now entirely vegan and offers a wide range of products the internet is raving about! And so many people just love Kat, don't they?
Kat Von D make-up can be found in Debenham's department stores.

Liz Earle - Welcome back Liz Earle (please see note at summation). This is a brand scaling the world of skincare and make-up trying to source their ingredients as ethically as possible. Their whole range is vegetarian and the non-vegan ingredients the say their non-vegan ingredients are beeswax and Manuka honey, so should be pretty easy to avoid.

Liz Earle is sold in Boots, John Lewis and a couple of small boutiques

Lottie London - Budget brand that does make-up and accessories. PETA approved and they mark their vegetarian and vegan items in the individual descriptions.

Lottie London are exclusive to Superdrug in the UK.

Lush - Everyone seems to enjoy at least one thing from Lush, am I right? I'm rather prone to Rose Jam myself..... 
Everything in their stores is Vegetarian Society approved with the vast majority also being Vegan Society approved.
Their entire make-up range is vegan and I've actuall tanned a full pot of their Emotional Brilliance powder.
Lush stores can be found in most city centres. Find a list of their store locations HERE.

Make-up Gallery - Well, this has to be the cheapest brand on this entire list cos its from Poundland, baby! Now, there's mixed reviews on their products (of course, it is pound shop make-up after all!), but I have a couple of the glosses and I think they're actually pretty ace. Good pigment, not too sticky and lasts no bad, especially for a quid. Some of the make-up tools are also pretty decent.

Alien on Toast contacted them earlier this year and they provided her with a list of their vegan products, see it HERE.
(Thanks to SillySarah for making me aware of this)
Make-up Gallery can be found in Poundland stores.

Make-up Revolution - The final and largest of the Tam Beauty trio. Again, these guys are so budget friendly and pretty good quality. Of course every brand has it's hit or miss products, but the feedback I've read on these guys is normally positive. I recently bought some of their banana powder, highlighter and aqua eye primer (I love Superdrug 3 for 2's, don't you?) and as soon as I find a day I'm actually free of toddler slobber and sticky hand prints I'm getting stuck in!
Again, the Tam Beauty site marks weather a product is vegan in it's individual listings. 
Make-up Revolution can be found in all Superdrug stores.

Marks and Spencer make-up - Really pleased to see this one. Marks and Spencer's beauty products have been BUVA approved for some time and when I first started these lists years back I contacted them to see if they had a veggie/vegan list & they said that they didn't have one but if there were any individual products I was interested in they would look at it for me, which was pretty nice. 

Now their own brand beauty products are marked vegetarian and vegan in their individual listings online (I still need to check in store to see if it's on their physical products). In the case of make-up it's the Autograph collection (including Rosie for Autograph). Make sure you go into the description box all the way down to 'more information' to check for suitable for vegetarians and vegans as its not always at the top of the listing.
See Autograph make-up HERE.

Models Own - Possibly better known for their make-up tools (brushes are all synthetic) than their makeup itself, thought they do offer a good amount of make-up. The bummer is that it's hard to come by these days since they're no longer in Boots, though they do have stores in Leeds and London (see locations here), but it didn't seem fair to NOT include it here. It's still on the Superdrug website, so I think larger stores may still sock it. They definitely still stock their tools and I hear most of those are pretty good.
Their vegan products are marked with a green V on their ingredients page, find it HERE.

The Ordinary - The Ordinary is a brand by Deciem that offers high end skincare at affordable prices. The don't have much in the way of make-up but earlier this year they produced a couple of foundations for £6 each, they offer 2 primers and have 'watercolours' coming soon.
I have the coverage foundation and its pretty decent, but does need thoroughly set with a powder, so I use the Essence matte powder and it works really well.

Nearly all their products are vegan, Phyrra has a list of their non-vegan products, it's pretty short, find it HERE.  
The Ordinary products can be found in House of Fraser department stores.

Pacifica Beauty - 100% vegan cosmetics, skincare and perfume brand. Their Persian Rose perfume is one of my favorites.

It's sold in large branches of Holland and Barrett ( online UK stockists include NaturisimoLove LulaFeel Unique & Lucy Rose).

PIXI Beauty - PIXI is an indie make-up brand that hails from London. They started over 10 years ago in their flagship store in Soho (I was in it donkeys ago, it was lovely) & have since branched out all over the world.

Logical Harmony has a list of their vegan products and it's pretty good. See it HERE.
PIXI Beauty can be found in Marks and Spencer stores.

Pür Cosmetics - Cruelty free mineral based skincare brand that's talc, paraben and gluten free. They have a list of vegan products on their site (seperated into category), see the make-up list HERE.

Pür can be found in branches of Marks and Spencer.

W7 Make-up - This is another budget beauty brand (we're talking products from £1), one you just seem to see randomly all over the place. They recently released a 'Very Vegan' range, which is actually pretty thourgh. The price point is definitely a lot higher than their usual range (lets be optimistic and assume that means that its better quality as well), but still drugstore prices. See the Very Vegan range here.
Now, W7 has many stockists in the UK, but it will be a bit hit or miss weather you find the vegan range amongst it, as it's not long launched I imagine it'll take a while, though their Featherlight foundation is vegan as its nearly totally silicone!
Stores include TJ Hughes, B&M, T.K Maxx, Peacocks and the Perfume Shop and Poundworld (but it's not £1) stores. 

Whole Foods Market - Whole Food Markets are dotted all over the UK and can be found in most major cities. The have a few different make-up brands as well as other cosmetics such as body care and shampoo which are veggie or vegan friendly. Each company marks their products accordingly from what I saw in the Glasgow store while it was open.
Find their UK store locator here.

Zoeva - Zoeva came to prominence thanks to their make-up brushes. They are cruelty free and have many vegan options. Click into 'details' in each individual listing and if it notes that it is '100% free of animal derived ingredients' you're good to go (it'll also let you know of its paraben free etc)..

They're only available in a few stores in the UK (in London, Manchester, Blefast and Birmingham), but it seemed unfair to discriminate because of that. See store locator HERE. They also ship direct from their website (delivery is super quick, but stuff comes in unnecessarily large box) and are also available on Cult Beauty, Selfridges and Beauty Bay


So what's changed?

Well, this list is still pretty long, so let us rejoice! We have gained a fantastic budget beauty brand with Tam Beauty (Freedom, I Heart Make-up and Make-up Revolution) as well as some high enders in Kat Von D and Hourglass. And we've also welcomed back the Body Shop which is great, the list just didn't feel complete without them. 
On the down side Too Faced has been acquired by Estee Lauder, so I've removed them from the list (I've read that it's written into their contract that no animal testing ever be conducted on their products or ingredients, so looks like Lauder won't be taking it into mainland China like it did the rest of its brands). I'm sad to say we've also lost Sleek make-up, they were acquired by Boots who have merged with an American company called Walgreens and Sleek has re-branded and they no longer mark their products vegetarian and vegan like they used too. And, saddest of all for me, Barabra Daley for Tesco make-up no longer exists.

Liz Earle is also on the list as Avon have sold them to Boots Walgreens Alliance. The chat that I can find on Boots Wallgreens suggests that they have suppliers who animal test, but my understanding of this is that they referto those companies that sell within their store ie Maybeline, Rimmel, etc, who are nimal testers, so I've included it for now.

Also, a few people have mentioned Soap and Glory to me to include them in these posts, but any time I checked the Soap and Glory's site I've found their statement to be a bit ambiguous, so decided to omit them.

Make-up tools.

Thought I'd include a little footnote with regards to make-up tools as I know lots of folks want to avoid animal hair brushes, weather they're cruelty free or not. So here's a few choices to start with.

B. (by Superdrug) - Available in most Superdrug stores, all of their brushes are synthetic.

The Body Shop - All of their make-up brushes are synthetic and feel amazing!!

Echotools - Available in Superdrug, Boots, Asda and Tesco to name but a few.

All of their tools are echo friendly, as the name suggests, and none of their make-up nor hair tools include animal hair.

ELF - They're cheapest budget brushes are animal hair, but all others are syntheitc. ELF have stands in most Superdrug stores.

Illimasqua - All of Illimasqua brushes are synthetic and available in Debenham's department stores.

Kat Von D - Exclusive to Debenham's department stores, all brushes are synthetic. 

Make-up Obsession - Exclusive to Boots (I think) they are made by Tam Beauty and look really lovely. All brushes are synthetic.

Make-up Revolution - Exclusive to Superdrug, they offer a range of brushes free from animal hair, with some that are unicorn inspired and those ones that look like small hair brushes.

Real Techniques - Available in Superdrug, Boots, Asda, (& occasionally turning up in Savers) all Real Techniques brushes are all synthetic. They have lots of sets to choose from as well as individuals and do limited edition gift sets at Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If there's any brands I've missed please give me a shout so I can include the,

Much love, 
Tatty Bon.