Sunday, 22 May 2011

Beautiful art at the Arches....

So today Tatty Bon was at the Art & Crafts table top Emporian. It's it's first fair & I think they're hoping to make it a regular event. There were a fair few of us there showcasing our hand made jewellery, accessories & homewares, some of the sellers there showed a real flair for displaying there wares using tree branches & birdcages amoungst the more standard methods of shop dispalys.

The Emporium also catered for art & that is where I think this fairs real strength lies. There wasn't an extensive range there, but what there was was just beautiful! My absoloute favorie was the range displayed by 'Polka Dot Punks' ( They were there with a variety of painting by various artist & I can't fault one amoungst them, they're the kind of art that makes you seeth with jealousy: original ideas & beautifully done.
Amounst my favorites was a painting call 'True Colours'

(yes, not the best photo, I know...I only had my camera phone with me)

The artist is Heger (, the painting cost just £90, including the frame, which I think was pretty good, esp if you coule see the size of it, as it's pretty big!
In the end my friend Emma bought it, she could no longer resist it's silent siren song luring her  towards it.......if I wasn't so skint I'd have done my damdest to beat her.......

Polka Dot Punks will be hosting a pop up shop in Stereo at the begining of June, so keep a look out for it!!!

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