Thursday, 26 May 2011

Irn Bru hair.....I love you, but this is good bye...

So, since opening the shop I've ran the gauntlet of hair colours......I may be a bit too lazy to do much styling to my hair, but by god I'm never too lazy to dye it!!
When the shop 1st opened the hair was black (& in the most beautious progressive bob ever!), then decided it was time for white blonde, hense why my head has been shaved up one side every since....may as well make something good of it falling out......& then get ma head tattooed for good measure.... Then to pillarbox red, then to burgandy red, back to black.

But I tire easily & so came the ginger craving again.

But I think I've lost my touch since my good friend Jane has been attending to my hair (Houston & Lyndsey hairdressers, right next to the 13th Note Cafe - go there!), esp since she's so bloody awesome!
Not wanting to trouble her for a change, I decided to stripe & dye my hair myself, resulting in the classic 'tartan hair'. So despite her best efforts to repair the silliyness I inflicted, it seems the wonderful Irn Bru ginger shade she's been using just doesn't want to stick to one side of the hair on ma head....bizarr I know, like I say I've lost my touch. No amount of profesional assistance seems able to maintain the colour I wish to sport....& I used to be so good at it too....
& so it is off to Jane I go, hopefully tomorrow, to get a darker, redder shade put through with some base to stick beautiful ginger, this isn't a love song, this is good bye.....sniff, sniff.....

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