Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lush Edinburgh Spa opening

You know what, I really quite like Lush. I like the bright lights, the cacophony of colours, that smell when you walk by that your boyfriend hates and the various lotions and potions wrapped in leaves. Which may go some to explain that why when I went along to the Edinburgh opening of the Lush spa I enjoyed the goings on on the shop floor rather than the spa its self.
There was the usual Lush loveliness as well as a band (featuring a sitar), short bread and mince pies, wine, cocktails, thistle floral displays... a rather Scottish Christmas affair. It was quite lovely.

On arrival we were given a ticket to our tour of the spa located in the sound proofed basement beneath the shop. Now, there's no denying that the spa is very lovely. The whole environment is very homely and welcoming, with bottles and bars of products mixed in among tea pots and crockery in an almost farmhouse kitchen setting. The whole place smells lovely an is low lit to inspire a relaxing atmosphere form the get go within reception area as well as the 3 treatment rooms....all very charming.
My impression is that this is more of a spa experience than a spa treatment. It's very mind, body, spirit oriented, I don't see many folk thinking 'I've had a bad day, I'll pop down to Lush for a massage', it's more the kinda thing I imagine a bridal party doing a few days before the wedding as a lovely treat. 
So, the treatments are designed to help the mind as well as the body, which comes across......well, a wee bit silly. For instance the 'Validation Facial'....I want nice, clean skin, what's this 'validation' chat? 'The Spell' is treatment that releases the tension from your body via a foot massage and the tension from your mind by writing your biggest worry on a piece of paper then burning it in a brass tea pot. All good if your out for a day with a friend (or bridal party), but is it something your gonna do on a regular basis? There's also a 'Sound Bath'. Lie there and have someone wash away your worries with tuning forks and re-aline your chakras.....I wasn't into that one, I'll stick to my own music therapy, thanks.
On the plus side, the treatments are all fairly long 
(30 - 80 min) and the prices are average I'd say. Apart from a few spa exclusives, the products the spa team use can be purchased on the shop floor, which is pretty nice, and while Lush products aren't the cheapest, they're certainly not on a par with some of the luxury brands many spas carry for their customers to buy....and half the time they're not selling what they use. The music playing in the background was composed by a Lush employee who was on the shop floor while we were there...nice touch.
The best part was that one of the treatment rooms is intended to take you back to your carefree childhood and it has a bubble machine....& who doesn't like bubbles, right!?
All in all, I think I'll stick to who I use. I like a bit of new age as much as the next guy, but I like some down to earth chat with my facial.....


  1. Love the image of the dry ice Lynney! Fully agreed a wedding party would love this. Could be a right wee giggle. x

  2. I've been to the spa a couple of times, prior to going to work for Lush and I used to be of similar thinking, but I must admit as silly as this sounds, writing down something you worry about and sending it off actually was quite nice. I've also had the Good Hour where the music was like being on the high seas and I was so relaxed. The floor was covered in the mist from dry ice and I literally felt like I was in the spa for 6 hours, when it was only an hour. I think what Lush does successfully that needs to be experienced is make you believe in the concept of mind over body :) Great pics and I would love to see the Edinburgh spa !!

  3. I think a lot of what was wrong was the presentation, rather than the spa itself. The treatments looked lovely and it was very quirky and sweet, as you expect with Lush. Think it's like you say, once you try it you get to see 1st hand what it's all about and enjoy what they have to offer....

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    1. Not sure how I managed that! I was saying how you should go and experience a treatment before deeming the SPA as silly. The concept, ideas, experience, presentation is beautiful. I have had a SOUND BATH and the way I felt after was pretty incredible. The incorporated body/head/facial massage along with the ear candles and tuning/vibration forks worked a treat. I felt like I was floating and a massive weight had lifted from over me.

      The therapists train for a long time before they can be signed off on the treatments.. as they are choreographed to move with the specially composed music. Each treatment is individual to the client as well. Some therapists can only do 3 treatments a day as they are so intensive.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not denying you that. I just think it is nice to try new things and gain a deeper understanding of them before ruling them out :)

    2. It's not the treatments themselves or the spa appearance was came across as silly. It was mainly the presentation and the names and 'validation' aspect. I didn't say the treatments didn't yield good results, but then, neither did they. It was all about the presentation rather than the results they give, it was a bit over choreographed. None of it made me feel the need to book an appointment.
      It wouldn't stop me from going to Lush at all, but it sure wouldn't persuade me to stray from my current beautician.....cos she's way awesome.

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