Sunday, 2 December 2012

Product review: Liz's love

My new love

So, I hate my skin. I have combination skin and it's a big ol' pain in the arse....oily t-zone and easily dried out cheeks.
Have tried lots of products over the years, some of them not too bad, but the main problem with combination cleansers is that they're rinse off...effective for the oily parts, dries my cheeks out like a bandit. I've been applying cleanser then taking it off with a flannel for a while,  it was def better than the usual cotton wool over the face, then I was told about the Liz Earle hot polish. 
I've spent a fair few bucks on cleaners before, so I was a touch skeptical,  then my buddy Rach (love that bitch) got me a wee pressie; Liz Earle hot polish cleanser and moisturiser for normal/combination skin. It is now THE favorite beauty product I own (& I own a lot, buddy).

The cleanser is applied with your fingers, soak the muslin cloth in very hot water, then remove the cleaner with the cloth in circular motions. The first time I realsied I loved it was when I came out of the shower. Instead of tight, dry cheeks my skin felt supple and soft.....& that was before I even applied the moisturiser. I've been using it for just over a week now and can def feel and see the difference in my skin.

They love bunnies too...

A little goes a long way and it smells pretty dam fine too, especially love the eucalyptis, but the most import feature for me, other than the obvious, is that it has NO ANIMAL by products and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Price and purchase.

Cost wise, I'd say it's at my ceiling for price. The moisturiser is £18.75 (50ml jar) & the hot polish cleaner is £12.75 (100ml pump, £14.25 for starter kit with cloths ), but for just over 30 quid for both it's not too bad, especially given the results. Marie, who I go to for facials, recommended that I don't use toner and pat as cold as I can bear water into my skin to tighten my pores, and I really think that helps too.

All in, I definately a big fan so far and I'd try other products based on how good their skin care is, especially keen on trying the lipstick....I am a make-up artist after all....

Liz Earl is available online -
Via QVC (if you dare watch)
& in John Lewis stores...

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