Saturday, 8 December 2012

Thrifty nights out of a hoarding queen...

I am cheap....there, I said it!
I'm not one for spending huge amounts of money on most things as I believe the saying 'you get what you pay for' is a crock of shit!
I'm also a hoarder....a hoarder from hell!! But, hey, that can be a good thing, right? Why part with the things you love. Esp when you'll use/wear them again.

So the other night when I went out for a couple of hours for my friend Marise's birthday I think my whole outfit cost little more than £40 and at least half of it was at least 15 years old....yass!!

Dodgy pics are always the best...

Watch necklace/broach - so old I can't remember. Customised velvet dress - Chelsea Girl (yes, it is THAT old), bought second hand when I was about 14.   Black shoes - £30, Garage Street Shoes. 
Galaxy & flower print leggings - £10, Razzle Dazzle (Buchanan St, Glasgow). 
Flower & bead bracelet - I made about 6/7 years back. 
Velvet & gold bag - about 10p from a jumble sale when I was in primary school.

'An oldie, but a goodie'.....never a truer word was spoken.


  1. oooh chelsea girl...i wonder what they ever did with those red loveheart stools...swoooon!

  2. They're probably sitting in a warehouse somewhere all sad.....