Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Gift giving guide of a thrifty bitch...

So, Christmas has past. It was a bad one by no means, but I have to admit to being pretty skint this year. 
So what does a crafty bitch do when it comes to that gift giving time of year? Well, make things of course.

So it got me thinking. It's not like we won't have any more pressies to buy throughout the year.... birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, new babies, anniversaries...the list goes on.
And I, for one, am unlikely to be coming into my fortune any time soon and I doubt most of yous won't be either. So I thought I share some of the stuffs I've made pals this crimbo....hopefully it'll inspire some of y'all....

Go get your paint on.

So, for some pals I did a wee bit of drawing. I noticed that my pal Claire's purse was a bit burst when rummaging through it for change one day, and an idea was born.
I wouldn't normally advocate buying presents from Primark, but I swear it was the only place I could find a decent sized purse! I can draw to an extent, so this is ideal gift giving for me. I know not everyone is the same, but I reckon it's the thought that counts and I' for one' would be rather endeared by being given a purse with stick men drawn on it with a Sharpie. On the subject of which, I used acrylic paints with a weather proof varnish for this guy. You can get small sets in art/craft stores and they go a long way. However, I have been told that Sharpies are pretty good for such things (although I haven't tried then myself), so give 'em a try...why not!

Everyone likes candles, it's the law.

OK, admittedly, this is only really thrifty if your making more than one, so maybe best for Mothers day for your Maw and Granny or a birthday for twins or summat.
I am mental, so therefor have a fair collection of crockery lying about. But if you don't, never fret, you should be able to pick up a wee random teacup or trinket box from your local charity shop. The wax I used was soy wax. It doesn't cause soot, isn't full of harmful chemicals, is vegan/vegi and you can use your teacups for their intended purpose when the candle is burned down. You can get sets in art store, but you need to be aware that they are often full of crap like paraffin and nasty animal fats. You should be able to get a small soy kit online complete with wicks....handy. 

Fimo is your friend.

Fimo is fantastic. You can mold a multitude of shapes and then all you have to do is bung it in the oven. It's only about 2 quid a block and it goes a long way. It's paintable, so you don't need to fret about buying loads of colours. 
This guy is a member of the Firegang from the film 'Labyrinth', but you can go as complicated or as simple as you like. If in doubt, go for comedy...stick men, willies, they'll all raise a laugh.

Bake, for gods sake...

Right, admittedly, I don't do this one. But you can! A couple of my bake good friends have made various tasty treats for gifts. You can get most equipment you need, but may not have, in the £1 shop and you can get all manner of fancy jars and containers from the charity shop (just mind to give 'em a good clean first, eh) is the word!

If all else fails....there's always the Pound Shop.

Never underestimate the majesty of the pound shop! You will find all manner of weird and wonderful stuff in there....just check out this compact mirror! It's a thrifty bitches home land....and don't ever forget it!!

Thanks for reading, and always remember...Lady Bon loves you...

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