Sunday, 27 January 2013

Good gals do good things for good causes.

Happy pay weekend. I bet your all totally delighted to exhale now that the brutal festive aftermath that is January is coming to an end. Think we've all spent the last month thinking of nothing but ourselves; how skint we are, how we really want pennies so that we can treat ourselves to a new lipstick or that ridiculously overpriced dress in Topshop that 'insert generic fashionesta celebrity name here' was wearing in the fashion mags last week. We are a selfish bunch us lot, none more than when we're skinto.

But you know who's awesome? Bee Waits and Honey Pop, that's who! These two lovely lassies are taking it upon themselves to raise as much money as they can for charity over the next month, and they're using a rather unique avenue to raise these funds: fashion. 
They will be wearing one dress for one month (excluding at the gym of course, and they're allowed 2 dresses for washing purposes) making it look different every day.
Some run, some fast others sit in a bath of baked beans for days (well, they did in the 80's at least), but these gals are doing it using something they enjoy and others will enjoy looking at......&  that's close to most bloggers hearts, right?
Ms Waits has chosen a black midi dress from New Look to wear over the next month.
I for one am looking forward to seeing what combo's she comes up with.

Bee Waits is a talented little minx. She's one of the team behind award winning Events team 'In the Company of Wolves' and your probably already aware of her rather excellent blog 'Bee Waits for No One'. In the past she has helped organised some of Glasgow's finest and most innovative fashion shows with all funds raised going to Rape Crisis Scotland and Glasgow's Women's Aid, and last year she ran a 10k to in the name of the former. Weather you are aware of it or not, you probably know woman who have been in need of these charities, or those like them. Both are excellent causes and more than worthy of donation. This time round Bee will be donating to Glasgow's Women's Aid. She was recently telling me of the heartbreaking tales that many of the women  share through the charity in order to help their own healing as well encourage others who need help to come forward.....believe me when I say, they are a much NEEDED charity.
View her blog for more details and DONATE HERE!

Lill' Miss Honey Pop will be wearing a slate grey maxi by AX Paris. If anyone can work it for a whole month, she can!

Honey Pop is one of the cutest little ladies I know (just go look at her blog 'Honey Pop Kisses', you'll see). She is a trainee buyer for a major high street retailer and has already seen some of her choices appear in Vogue! 
She is a lover of all things fashion but has a mean pin-up girl streak running through her....but is always girly and loves pink!
Honey Pop will be donating to the British Heart Foundation, a charity that is close to her own heart. I think everyone is aware of the kind of work they do and you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who said they weren't a worthwhile cause, esp in Scotland which was the heart disease capital of Europe for a long time!
View her blog for more details and DONATE HERE!

So there we have it. In recession hit times, selfish attitudes bread by celebrity culture and post Christmas skintness there are still some good gals out there looking to do something good for others. Not only that, but in a fun and quirky way that the likes of us will enjoy spectating on.
So what you waiting on....GET DONATING!!