Saturday, 9 February 2013

OUTFIT POST: Things I wore to meet the new member of the family

Hello lovely friends! Good news, I am an auntie once more. And how does one greet the newest member of the clan into the world? Why, by exposing her to some 40's inspired style, of course.

My new little niece was born this week, and she's a wee beaut. Ginger hair, eyelashes like a camel and big pouty's just a shame she won't know just how awesome this is until she's about 19 and  realises that these things make her a babe!
So I considered it my civic duty to impose my love of vintage clothes and style on her right out the gate. I'll never be an straight forward vintage wearing gal, I'll always have my own twist on it, and this is how I rolled....

Peach vintage cardi -£7 from Gin in Teacups fair in the Arches, high waist trousers £7 (I think) in ye olde Primark sale, belt - owned forever, pearls - £8 Tatty Bon, broach - had for too long to remember, teacup ring- £5 Tatty Bon, tan brogues - £4 ye olde Primark sale

One of my fav decades, style and film wise, is the 40's. None of this is actually that old, but definitely inspired. I love high waist skirts, but can't normally get away with high waist trousers and NEVER shorts, I just don't have the right shape. These wool Primark numbers are the only high waist trousers I've had that looked any good. Sadly a wee bit big now, hence the studded belt.

Accessories often maketh the outfit. I did a few here, but none too statement. The flower is oversize as I am a believer that when your not having a good hair day; if in doubt, flower it out!
I totally love these large glass pearls and wear them as often as I can. And the teacup ring....well, who can resist a teacup ring?

As for this cardi, I love it! It's just sooo sweet and granny. And I love most things granny.
Gin in Teacups is a great wee fair, I got my infamous chicken bag from the same seller as this cardi....need I say more?!

So there it is. Who knows, maybe some of this will rub off on little Macy in years to come......well, she better bloody love vintage anyway, or else!

Thanks for reading, and always remember...Lady Bon loves you...


  1. sweet little cardi! Gotta look super fab to meet the new member ;)

    I just replied to your comment about the cat ring, totally forgot I won it in a blog giveaway, just fell in love with your stuff on etsy too!

    1. Whoop, that's what I like to hear!!
      I need to get ma ass in gear and take better care of the etsy shop I think, the main online shop has been taking up all my time of late.....

      Love your wee outfit in the cat ring post too by the way.....