Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I'm back, baby!!

'Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? 
I've been to London to see the Queen.....'

Well, not exactly, but I have been away for a while. So where have I been? I hear you ask, weary traveller.
Well, I've been a busy little bee actually. The last time I blogged was not long before the Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh. It was the 2nd year I've had a stall there so was up to my ears in it getting as much made as possible for the lovely folks that attend. Some of it just to put a smile of their faces.....I do enjoy a good chuckle with my customers. Of all the conventions I've attended, or had a stall at, Edinburgh is by far my favorite. The Corn Exchange is a really beautiful building with lots of character, the organisers actually come round to say hi and the patrons are always excellent! It gets a very mixed crowd and I always enjoy the random chat I get from the folks that come up to my stall....& it doesn't hurt that the venue is right next to a massive Asda. Grub ahoy!

I've also been busy being a creative genius (as always, mwha). Taxidermy? jewellery has been my obsession over the last few months. I've been doing taxidermy for toys and human tooth jewellery (mold from a moler and actual human teeth for a custom request), but I've really moved forward with using insects, especially moths and butterflies. All the insects I use have lived out their normal lives, I would NEVER harm a wee beastie, they're our pals y'know. I have even found a supplier who is a conservationist and sells on the insects once they die rather than dispose of them and the funds go back into conservation! 
So far it's proved rather popular, they went down a storm at the Tattoo Convention, and the moths seem an especial favorite.....I'm rather proud of them :)

I've also used shed skin from my wee pal from my 
business cars Jake the snake. What a pip he is!

When I had premises I did home wares and I missed it so much I've plunged back in there. 
There's something very satisfying taking something that was once fabulous but has since seen betters days and breathing new life into it. I'm in the midst of creating an Alice in Wonderland dressing table as well as some spiffy Star Wars furniture. And in the taxidermy tradition (well, it will be once I've been doing it a bit longer) I've been creating some mini stag head trophies for all your jewellery hanging needs...watch this space for more goodies!

But BEST OF ALL Tatty Bon has started its foray into the world of YouTube. Some fantabulous ladies, the best web designer going and a fantastic hair designer got together to make a wee video. Everyone that isn't dead inside loves the pin-up ladies, so where better to draw inspiration I asks ya?! Was delighted with the end result, everyone was fantastic and it was a really enjoyable experience. My web designer Andy (have I mentioned he's awesome?) outdid himself with the editing. He's redesigning my website as we speak, so I'm pretty excited to see that too.....eep!

So that is what I've been up to. Long time, no blog, but for good reason....I hope. 
But it's not been all business, there's been a good deal of pals wedding preparation, new family members and a good deal of kitty and puppy hugging.....it's not a bad old life, eh. 


  1. I love your Taxidermy stuff, I'm getting into doing taxidermy myself I found a beautful moth in my kitchen I thought was dead so I could dry him and pin him, went to put it in a box and BOOM he flapped right into my face so I let him out. xx

  2. Thanks doll.
    I had the same thing happen to me the other day. One of the guys on my street found one he thought was dead and put him in a wee cup for me. I think he was just asleep, poor wee soul.....he lives to fight another day.