Sunday, 11 August 2013

Product review: Sleek 'Lash Out' mascara

Mascara. I love it. It's definately an obsession of mine, along with foundations. I have bought tones of them over the years, I don't know what it is, I just love 'em!

The criteria for a good mascara for me is; it should be affordable (you are suppose to replace it ever couple of months after all), it should be a good deep black, the brush should be nice, the wand should be long (you'll know what I mean if you ever tried the Lush mascara....what it that bloody wand all about?!), it should last a decent amount of time and it should never, EVER clog your eyelashes.

So, while wondering around Superdrug one fine day I found myself perusing my mascara obession in front of the Sleek make-up stand.

You know what? I really like Sleek make-up. It's cruelty free, it's VERY affordable, the pigmentation of it's products is great, it has lovely colour range in most of its products and they even mark what products are vegetarian ans vegan on their website (under ingredients)....what sweethearts. So it's little wonder I found myself buying a mascara from them to add to my ever growing selection of Sleek purchases. So it is with a heavy heart that I have this to say; this mascara is shite!

The good.

The packaging is very pretty, it's in a hot pink tube and totally attracts your eye while you peruse their stand. It also makes it very easy to find in amoung all the eye pencils, primers and potions you'll probably keep it amoungst. The actual mascara itself is also very, very black.

The bad.

The consistency of the liquid is a real problem. It's more of a paste it's so thick. The brush bristles are very short so it can be hard to get rid of build up on the brush, even when you wipe it along the side as you pull the brush out, so it can lead to your eyelashes clumping. 

The Ugly.

It wears terribly! I wore it during the day with no eyeshadow, only foundation and powder on my lids as well as on a night put with eyeshadow and liner on. On both occassions i had that nasty under eye shadow effect you get when mascara strays from your lashes onto your skin. Not little flakes, but an actual smudge effect. My lashes are long but fine so they do touch my upper lids and so I ended up with the nasty semi-circle effect on my upper two sets of brows. Not good, not good at all.

I think it's unrealistic to expect a mascara to last the full day into evening with out some ware (no matter what the price, I've had a few big brand ones at the £15 mark that were rotten) but I only had this on a couple of hours before you could really see it flag. It was just an all over unflattering look and dissapointment.

But fear not friends. Like I said, Sleek make-up is on the wholeusally pretty good. To be honest this has contributed to such huge dissapointment and maybe lead to to judge it more harshly.

I'd still recommend y'all take a look at Sleek if you haven't tried it before.....really looking forward to trying the Matte Me and the Pout Paints are a total treat! 

Sleek make up is available online HERE.

At Superdrug stores and most Paul's Hair stores.

Thanks for reading and always remember...Lady Bon love you...

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