Monday, 25 November 2013

Things to do in Glasgow when you're dead.......excited about Christmas

Hello lovely friends. OK, so I know I haven't been about for a while, but you know what, who cares, Christmas is a-coming!
So what, pray tell, is there to get up to in the run up to Jesus' birthday in the fair ol' city of Glasgow.... while you're getting your Christmas shopping done of course.
Well, here's a wee run down to get you started .

Abandon Ship Apparel Christmas party

So, those lovely folks at Glasgow based brand Abandon Ship Apparel have opened up in their home town. They've got a wee sneaky pop-up shop in Princes' Square (ground floor, entrances on Buchanan St or just off Queen St) & it's just spiffy. I mean, any shop that finds itself in Princes' Sq that sells pants that say 'fuck you buddy' has my thumbs up any day!! On top of that you'll find all the classic gear you'd expect to find from the Abandon Ship boys, Deathtoopers et al, as well as a few new pieces in come the Christmas jumpers!
This December 13th they'll be having an in-store Christmas party. So get you mingingest, madest Chrimbo jumper & get your arse down won't regret it!
Pink haired hottie Honey Pop shows the new Abandon Ship Christmas jumper


Christmas outfit fun the vintage way

I'm a big fan of vintage, it's no secret. Vintage ornaments, vintage pictures, vintage everything! But is there anything better than a great vintage dress? I think not. We all love  Topshop & Primark, but who wants to turn up to the Christmas party wearing the same dress as their work buddy? The answer should be 'no one'!
My personal favorite Glasgow shop is, of course, the City Retro on King St (just behind the Trongate). I've had many an epic wee vintage number from there, including my greatest 50's party dress ever! Right now it is chocked full of sequins and glam that's make you the bell of any Christmas party. Fact. All that on top of the usual vintage goodness they have, what's not to love...

Get along too Granny would be Proud

Everyone that knows that Glasgow is a pretty crafty place.....well, they should. A grand old selection of what's going on can be found at Granny would be Proud fairs. What better way to your Christmas shopping done & support the little guy that this? Granny takes place in the Hillhead Bookclub, just off  Byers Rd, every second Sunday but will be on every Sunday in the run up to Christmas. Each fair has 18-20 stalls....that's a lot of crafty goodness to choose from. There's handmade jewellery, hand knitted hats and geeky toys, Christmas decorations, vintage clothes, hand made cushions and homeware....tones and tones.
Add that to the warm Granny atmosphere & the fact that you can have a wee sneaky mojito while you browse & you've got the perfect little Sunday out.

Lots of selection at Granny, including the best vintage specs in town from Eyedresser & some Darth Rudolf action from Tatty Bon

Get your good self festive ready

So, everyone wants to look their best at Christmas right? Folks out buying themselves new outfits instead of getting presents (it's not selfish, it's just common sense, right?), investing in fake eyelashes they know fine well they can't know the drill.

Well, when getting yourself up to your Christmas standard get down to Parnie St. Peaches Wax bar is one of the newest additions to Glasgow Cross area. Open only a few months I've already heard it toughted as the best place in town to de-fuzz. The salon looks amazing! Glitter to the max, baroque mirrors & a friendly atmosphere.... & there's Chopper the Chihuahua to coo at, take your mind right off any waxing discomfort.
T'is the season to be tidy & well trimmed folks! Eyebrows, foof, legs, these things are important. Go see the professionals. You can even get lash extensions......& I hear they even do a wee cheeky vajazzle.

So there it is folks. There's no need to get dragged down by the Scrouge types this year. There's always lots going on in Glasgow & this is only a tiny wee selection, I'm sure your town is just the same if you have a look around.......& if that's not enough to bring you out of the holiday blues.

Thank you for reading. And always remember....Lady Bon loves you...

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