Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lady Bon loves....Eilean-Shona Arts

Ok, things you should know about me number 237: I am a mad clepto. Well, horder really, since I don't steal....much.
I just like nothing better than filling up a room, and the walls are no exception.
I have one wall in my living room that I just cover in prints that I have came across and love. On an evening while watching TV with the boy I often find my eye drifting over to my busy wall, and I just sit and appreciate it. Many of my prints I have collected while attending or working at tattoo conventions (the Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh being my favorite) & i have a few prints by the same artists. But there is one selection of prints I favour which come from a very different source.

My busy wall in it's infancy. There's 3 of my Eilean-Shona prints here.

I first discovered Eilean-Shona Arts when I had a stall at Granny Would be Proud craft/vintage fair in Glasgow's west end. As i was going through a rather rabid print collecting phase about then, it couldn't have come at a better time!
What drew my eye to her work is just how clean and crisp it is. Her style is that interesting hybrid of simple yet detailed. Illustrations are against a plain background and many feature no, or very little colour, the main image drawn using only pencil. Now, I'm sure to some, that sounds dull, but it really makes you appreciate how beautiful and detailed that main image is. Her illustrations are varied, but many are nature orientated, which I'm especially fond of. Not all of her prints I have are of animals of course, but I must admit, most are...they're just so beautiful! I mean, who wouldn't want to own something from her 'Animals that Mate for Life' collection?! I'm actually a little obsessed by her latest works of animals in jars. So far i have Red Panda, but I plan on collecting them all!!
A trice of the prints in my collection. The greetings cards are perfect for filling the little spaces on my wall.

Now, if you like her style but aren't into animals (you're a freak), not to fear. She also has a beautiful collection of fashion illustration that carries her signature style beautifully, in addition to some interesting, and pretty varied, art photography (find folders here). And if you're just not into pictures then, again, fear not, as she does a rather excellent selection of merchandise such as bookmarks, note pads and little vanity mirrors.....excellent giftage I hear you say?!
Beautiful photies and fashion.

I think a lot of people are put off by the idea of owning 'art', rather than some nice pictures they got from Ikea, because they think of it as being arsey or too expensive. Now, as much as I can appreciate where this attitude comes from, it needn't be the case & I think artists such as this are putting paid to this kind of thinking. Eilean-Shona prints will set you back a mere £15 for an 8x10" print and only a couple of quid for a greetings card. All are printed and mounted on lovely paper and you can also buy framed prints and photographs and, of course, there's the gift merchandise. Now being able to buy art at craft fairs, such as Granny, so what could be easier? Online? Well, her website is under construction, so watch this space...
Oh little Roe Dear, you will be mine....oh yes, you will be mine.
I for one will be buying more to fill up the larger wall in my new living room.
So get on it people! Beautiful, accessible art from a local lass....what more could you want?!

Thank you for reading. And always remember....Lady Bon loves you...


  1. Oooh the little doe in a glass is just perfect, simple and elegant. Love it!

    1. Totally. Think that description epitomises her style...