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PRODUCT REVIEW: Old Wives Tail vegan hair care oil

Well hello there, long time, no blog.
So yeah, I've been away for ages (again). I'm using my new house and the relaunch of my website, (which has a veritable tonne of new products, by the way) as my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
I may have been busy, but never gone. Now, what better way to get the bloggin' toes wet again than by a wee sneaky product review.  So here goes.....

A couple of months ago I got my first ever PERM! That's right, a perm. I managed to avoid them completely during their heyday in the 80's and 90's, and I have no idea what I was thinking, but hey, a perm I got. Now, I know that un-styled my hair can look like a halloween witches wig, but when I do style it, be it pin curled, blow dried or straightened, DAM does it look good! My hair is fine, but I have lots of it, and it has always been a little bitch and refused to do anything I tell it! Attempts at a curl ended up in it being straighter than if I hadn't bothered ten minutes after I've finished and volume was out of the question without a fuck tone of back combing....say hello to the fuzz!
But those days are gone now, I can pin curl for a fabby vintage style, straighten it or even curl the ends with straighteners and it stays all day...and always with a nice wee bit of bounce. So an 80's throwback perm has saved my hair....who knew, eh.

Now, all this fabulous permy goodness aside, I have done a fair bit of abuse to my hair over the years (including this perm), not least of all with bleach. You can't perm bleached hair as the 2 things HATE each other. Normally if you permed bleached hair it will end in a world of fuzz and broken hair.  I haven't had my hair Pillarbox Red in some time, but there was def some left over bleached follicles from when I did for sure. So my hair through the ends was left a bit worse for wear. And so stepped in Old Wives Tail hair treatment oil!!
I nicked this picture fem their site....

If you've read my blog before you know I likes me a nice wee cruelty free product. I've been solely purchasing veggie products for a while now, so you can imagine my delight on discovering a hair treatment that was both cruelty free, vegan and made by a family owned company. 
There are many reasons to LOVE Old Wives Tail and here are but a few.

  • They are a small family affair and their bio is delightful. Read all about it here.
  • Their products are all cruelty free and vegan.
  • Their products are all organic; no damaging chemicals, no paraben nasties, no silicon to con you into thinking you have lovely smooth hair after the first use and discover you have a grotty build up after the third.
  • They donate 10% from their profit to animal welfare charities.
  • They have a hairstyles blog on their website (useful) and it contains lots of info, not only on hair styling and the like, but information on animal testing prevention as well as competitions.
  • You can use a teeny bit of the oil on dry hair as serum.
  • It comes from the wisdom of grannies....& I love me a bit of granny wisdom.
  • And, most importably, IT WORKS A TREAT!!

Reasons to Hate Old Wives Tail;

  • The owner grew up somewhere sunny and I didn't.

I got the hair Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment for damaged hair. I really liked it. 

It came mega fast, especially good when you consider the shipping is free, and when I got my oil there it was, wrapped in a wee granny napkin (I do enjoy the details). The first thing you notice when you open it is the smell. It smells amazing!! I kinda wanted to eat it. The consistency is that of an actual oil, rather than the serum type treatment oils, and is to be applied to damp hair and left on for  about an hour or so then rinsed thoroughly and shampooed until the hair feels clean.  The first time I used it I applied too much, that's a thing with me, I always get a bit over zealous when using new products, so it wasn't until the following day when I washed it that I felt the benefit of it. My hair felt smoother, was easier to comb when wet and my ends were definitely less scrunchy....and it still smelled great! Now, the only thing that was ever going to save the very ends of my hair was to chop them off (bleach + perming lotion, remember), but it really did make a difference.
My Melado Hair oil
After I had used it a couple of times I went to my hair dresser for the aforementioned chop and she was rather impressed by the condition my hair was in. I've still maintained dying it black after the perm and black hair dye can be pretty brutal on damaged hair, so I'm really pleased my hairdresser approved. She recommended that I use it once a month from now on to maintain its condition.

Price point wise you can expect to pay about what you would for a decent Argan oil treatment, maybe a little bit more. But there is no shipping cost with Old Wives Tail and you get a fair whack of product for you will last you ages.

So YES I most certainly do recommend this product. Like I said, don't get over excited like I did and use too much (although, despite this, my hair didn't look greasy). If your hair is especially damaged I would use it once a week as the site recommends, the reason I will be using it less is because I even struggle with shampoos leaving my hair lank and it currently sooks up product like no ones business, so less is more just now.

They're all over that social networking thing, so see their homepage and scroll to the bottom for links to your favourite.

So if your hairs in need of a treat it's good to know there is some truth in an old wives tale.....

Thank you for reading. And always remember....Lady Bon loves you...

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