Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Product review - LUSH Mask of Magnaminty face mask

Hay, hay. So another day, another cruelty free/veggie product review.
This time I'm focusing on the face with a wee sneaky face mask.
I'm not fond of my skin at all. Combination skin is a pain as you often feel like you get the worst of both worlds. Recently my skin was feeling kinda congested. My pores were clogged, the dryness on my cheeks didn't seem to want to budge, even with a micro dermabrasion wash, leaving it looking pretty dull. I was having none of it, so I popped down to Lush.

When I was in there a few weeks back I was talking to one of the lovely ladies who work there (who had some rather fabulous green rimmed glasses, by the way) & was having a whinge about my skin. She sat me down and had a chat to me about a couple of products she thought might help. She really knew her shit. One of said products was the Mask of Magnaminty. She gave me a wee sample and a couple of weeks later I was right back in there buying the biggest tub I could get my hands on!

I know a lot of people who didn't like going into Buchanan St Lush in Glasgow. The smell in there was pretty over whelming, you could smell it on your clothes when you left and it's not somewhere you'd want to spend a lot of time if you're prone to sore heads. However, a few months back they moved the store to new premises right across the road and, I have to say, I think any issues former Lush haters may have had are a thing of the past. The new Buchanan St branch is all on one level, looks great, the layout makes it much easier to shop and they must have some shit hot ventilation because the old over whelming smell problem is a thing of the past. It still has the smell of a hundred and one bath bombs (it just wouldn't be Lush without it), but I doubt it'd irritate even the most delicate snoze.
Mask of Magnaminty, as the name suggests, is a face mask for troubled skin containing peppermint oil. It smells pretty great. As with all Lush products it's Vegetarian Society approved, but contains honey so not one for the vegans. It smooths on the face (& back and chest if you so wish) really easily, you leave it for five to ten minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water.....& boy, what a difference it makes!!

It feels nice on, doesn't dry so hard it hurts your face, and has ground evening primrose seeds and aduki beans when you rinse it off it lightly exfoliates. My skin felt GREAT when I rinsed it off and moisturised. It was brighter, the areas of dryness felt soothed, not tight or sore, my pores were reduced and much, much cleaner. I really chuffed I was recommend this product.

Prince point wise it's £9.25 for 315g (which is what I got) or there is a smaller tub of 125g for £5.25.  I know a few folk might see that as pricey, but it's pretty poplar (it was actually the first thing I saw when I logged onto the Lush website), & I got the last one in the shop when I was in. You get a lot of product for your coin, it goes a long way and, most importantly, it works. So I for one won't quibble on the price of this one. If you're not sure about it you can always pop into your nearest store and ask for a sample....that's the beauty of Lush!

So if your face is feeling a bit beluch, get on it......

Thanks for reading and always remember.....Lady bon loves you...