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UPDATE: Vegetarian/vegan CRUELTY FREE cosmetics list

So, another update for you, it's pretty much just a list for your reference. (updated 15th DEC '15)

This is something I think I'm gonna have to keep on top of and possibly update every few months.....hopefully I'll be adding rather than subtracting!!

You can read the first blog I did on the subject, which includes info on former cruelty free companies,  here. I will ensure that I update it too....

I like to split this list into high street and online. Although most are likely to be found on the internet its always good to know where you can pop into when you feel like treating yourself to a new lipstick!
Most links will be to the UK websites where applicable, by most either ship worldwide or have a sister .com site.

So here goes....

It's Daryl from the Walking Dead with a cat.......yas!!

Handy sites

Logical Harmony - This site is a really great resource. They have all kinds of useful information ranging from product reviews to a detailing typical animal derived ingredients. They have a complied a list of cruelty free companies that have vegan options. Every company on the list has been contacted directly by Logical Harmony. 
See their list  here.

My Beauty Bunny - this is a fantastic blog. Def worth a follow....even has a phone app! 

Cosmetic companies

Ajani Cosmetics - Soon to be new kids on the block, Ajani Cosmetics currently have funding page to help them get set up, hopefully by the end of April '15. They're plan is to provide us with matte lip creams full of all natural ingredients, cruelty free and vegan. Go check out their Instagram page (here's the web version

Arbonne Cosmetics -  Arbonne are a company specialising in botanically based cosmetics and toiletries with a bit of nutrition thrown in for good measure. Their cosmetic products contain no animal by products. If you want to buy online you need to go through their international site (, other than that they seem to mainly be sold through 'reps', a bit like 'Avon calling' of days of yore, although I am aware that they sell through some beauty salons as well. 

Austrailis Cosmetics - Australian company that is cruelty free and they have a vegan list on their website. They offer a velour finish liquid lipstick that looks lovely. Can't find a UK based distributer just yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Beauty Without Cruelty (uk) - A pioneer of cruelty free beauty since the early 80's all their products are vegan .
I have their foundations (it's pretty good, by the way) and their mascara is the next best one to the B lengthening mascara that I've used in recent times.

Concrete Minerals - All Vegan make-up specialising in vibrant eye shades. 

E.L.F - E.LF have gained iconic status over the last 10 years for their wide range of budget cosmetics. Their lash primer is a favourite of mine. All E.L.F cosmetics are now vegan, although they do have a couple of animal hair brushes.

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc - US All cruelly free and vegan cosmetics company.

Honesty Cosmetics (uk) - Another good all rounder site. Everything on here is vegan and products range from make-up and skin care to hair products and sun care. Well worth checking out.

Honeybee Gardens - Worth checking out for the name alone! They're all about being natural and recycling and use all organic ingredients and they're very reasonably priced. Most (i'm not sure if all) products are vegetarian and most of them are vegan. Check the ingredients panel for details.
UK stockists include Amazon and Henna Herbals.

Inika - All vegan make-up and skin care. One of the companies included in Birch Boxes.

Insomnia Cosmetics - Another Etsy brand. Not tried these guys, but they have a great range of lip colours and fairly reasonably priced.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Drag extraordinaire Jeffree Star has started his own product range. So far we have a range of velour liquid lipstick, but I'm sure there will be more to come.
All cruelty free and vegan. UK wise it can be found on Love Make-up

Makeup Geek - Seeing this company all over Instagram just now. Most of their products are vegan so they have a list of these that are not. See it here.
Cant find a UK supplier yet, but they have a wee video link on their Facebook page concerning international orders.

Manic Panic (uk site link)-The original iconic cosmetics of the alt scene. I emailed them to double check that their full range is still vegan as I couldn't see anything about it on the website and got the following response.
'Hello, Yes, the entire Manic Panic range is Vegan, and also PPD Free. Kind Regards Sian Austin'
Melt Cosmetics - Another one slightly on the pricier side, but my friend has some of the eyeshadows and raved about them. All cruelty free and vegan items are marked on their websites listings.
UK supplier here.

OCC Obsessive Compulsive - All vegan make-up. These guys have become icons in the beauty world thanks to their lip tars and airbrush foundations. UK stockists are Cocktail Cosmetics.

Paula's Choice skin care - The aforementioned Paula is a cosmetics critic who started her won range of beauty products, make-up included, most of it is vegan. She has a UK site, but (confusingly) the list of NON-vegan products is on her .com. Many of the non-vegan products are veggie friendly. Read this list here

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics - All vegan company that specialise in liquid lipsticks....and not in your average colours. The can be bought straight from their site.

Sarah Hill Cosmetics - Sarah Hill is a Glasgow based makeup artist who has turned her hand to creating her own line of cosmetics. Everything is vegan with the exception of the eye liners (which are veggie). Have heard so many good things about her line, really looking forward to trying some.

Sugarpill Cosmetics - All cruelty free make-up with a vegan section on their website. UK stockists are Cocktail Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics - All cruelty free make-up with a vegan collection.

The All Natural Face - Handmade make-up to be found on Etsy. There are many handmade vegan makeup options to be found on Etsy, but this seems to be one of the bugger ones....& i'm dying to try their eye shadow primer...

Wet'n'wild cosmetics - Budget, all cruelty free make-up brand with vegan options. There is a list of their vegan products on their FAQ They can often be found in UK stores such as B&M & the even the pound shop!

White Rabbit Cosmetics - Eyeshadows handmade by an American lass in Glasgow, the full range  is cruelty free and many are vegan. See product descriptions for details.

Sites with whole vegan sections

Cocktail Cosmetics  (uk) - This is a website which only stocks cruelty free products. Even better than that it has a whole section dedicated to vegan products.  It's fantastic. 
Brands included -  100% Pure Cosmetics,  Bdellium tools,  Cozzette Brushes,  Everyday minerals,  Illuminare Cosmetics,  Lily Lolo,  Lime Crime,  Neve Cosmetics ,  OCC Obsessive Compulsive,  Real Techniques,  Rosebud Company,  Sugarpill Cosmetics,  Yaby Cosmetics,  Eco Tools,  EOS,  Konjac Sponges

        Do as the bunny says!
Its worth noting that often, when looking online, when a company has a UK site that the lists of vegan/veggie suitability can actually be found on their .com or US sites. It's always worth having a look.

On the high street

Now, like I said, most of these companies can also be found online and usually that is where they're full range of products is to be found.

'B' by Superdrug - Most of Superdrug's own brand products are suitable for veggies and vegans (see individual products for details). B is a skincare and make-up range and I think almost of, if not all, of the make-up is vegan. 
They're Full Coverage Foundation and B All mascara are fabulous!Needless to say, B can be found in Superdrug.

Barbra Daly for Tesco - Tesco aren't the easiest to make contact with, so you can imagine my delight when I came across My Kind of Beautiful blog and find that she had done just that & provided a list of Barbra Daly make-up that's vegan! (see it here). I highly recommend the moisturising foundation.

Barry M-  All products are veggie friendly and their vegan products are marked as such in the individual product ingredients on their website.
Barry M can be found in both Superdrug and Boots.

Body Collection makeup - Another budget beauty. This one is a bit harder to find on the high street as it seems to pop up randomly, usually in sets at Christmas. I've seen it in Debenhams before during the festive season as well as B&M and pound shops. It's not bad quality either, especially when you consider its price, so if you come across it it's definitely worth checking out. A list of their products which are NOT suitable for vegetarians/vegans can be found on Love Thy Make-up, read it here. Body Collection can also be bought from this site.

(Thanks to Silly Sarah for bring this to my attention). 

Butter London - Most know Butter London for their nail products. They are cruelty free and have a long list of vegan products. Admittedly most of their make-up can be found online, but their makeup is creeping in there and lip glosses are on the stands with the nail lacquer. 
Having said that, it is worth noting that the were using the Leaping Bunny logo without permission back in 2013!! How rude. See blogger Hotashi's post on it here. (Credit -  Je Taime by Hotashi).
Having said that, hopefully this is something Butter London will look to remedy by getting actual certification! 
The Plastic Diaries contacted them for a list of their vegan products (2014).
Butter London can be found in larger BOOTS stores.

Collection - Formally known as Collection 2000, this make-up has been a budget beauty favourite for many of us since our teen years. Good news is they now have a list on their website of items suitable for vegans and/or vegetarians! Find it here . (Thanks to Silly Sarah for bring this to my attention).

Collection make-up can be found in Superdrug stores.

GOSH - GOSH make-up is cruelty free and much of it is vegan. List here (credit:
GOSH can be found in most Superdrug stores

Illamasqua - Illamasqua have a good range of vegan products, they were kind enough to send me a list of their non-vegan make-up which was only 13 items long. They asked I don't print the list for legal reasons. However beauty blogger got a response from them detailing some products (link here) & My Kind of Beautiful has another (link here).
I have seen on Peta2 that they are in the process of compiling a list of their vegan products (ref - PETA 2 here)
Illamasqua can be found in Debenhams stores.

Lush - All their make-up vegan. Their Emotional Brilliance loose powder is great. 
All of their products are veggie and vegan items are clearly marked.
Lush stores can be found on most city centres as well as online

Make-up Gallery - Firstly, this make-up lives in Poundland! How good is that?! This brand received a lot of attention when it launched for offering good quality products for incredibly low price. It is cruelty free & the Vegan Womble has a list on their blog listing vegetarian/vegan options. Read it here. (Thanks to Silly Sarah for making me aware of this).

Make-up Gallery is available in most Poundland stores.

Miss Vegaloucious - If you're lucky enough to live in Glasgow you should def check this place out. If not, don't worry as they're now online!! (link here). They only sell veggie friendly make-up and most of it is vegan. Lots of different brands, some of which I'm unfamiliar with, but the ones I do know are impossible to get anywhere else in store. They have Yaby, OCC Liptars and Sugar Pill!! Not to mention a range of beautiful Bedellum brushes.
They are also working on their own brand products, I recently got a black eyeshadow and it's pretty fantastic.....

Models OwnModels Own used to be a staple of most BOOTS stores, but they do seem to be vanishing, bar the cosmetics tools and brushes. However, they do have other stockists dotted around the UK. 
All their products except lipsticks were once vegan (see), but this is no longer the case. They are good enough to mark their vegan products in their ingredients section. See it here.

Sleek - Sleek now mark which of their products are vegan and vegetarian in the ingredients section. The I-Devines are veggie (sorry vegans) and pack a whole to of pigment in them. And at 8 quid a pallet they're well worth a try.
Sleek can be found in Superdrug and some branches of Paul's Hair.

Too Faced - Too Faced products are all cruelty free and they have a vegan list in the FAQ section of their webite, read it here

Technic makeup - Almost the same as Body Collection, they seem to appear in stores randomly, especially at Christmas. Again Love Thy Make-up have a list of their products NOT suitable for vegetarians/vegans. Read it here.
Again, their products can be bought on this site.

Whole Foods Market - Whole Foods supermarkets are dotted all over the country, the Glasgow store is to be found in Giffnock. They have a small make-up but I don't know if they vary from store to store. They definitely have vegan approved make-up but it is pretty pricey Each brand marks it's products accordingly. 

It's not just rabbits that get fucked over....

Well, it's still a pretty big list, especially when you consider all the brands within Cocktail Cosmetics.

As always, if you see anything here that you think may be incorrect or any companies you think should be added, please LET ME KNOW!

Lets all work towards ending the bunny (and all the other animals) torture.
Sorry to end on a bum note, but I thought it best to add this to the blog


So this may be a bit of a downer to end a blog that has such a large list of great ethical companies, but i felt it important to add, as there are still A LOT of misconceptions out there.

Lime Crime - Lets start with a controversial one, why not!
Lime Crime are ever expanding and the have a lot of loyal fans, not least of all due to their Velvatine lip colours. They have claimed to be cruelty free and marked their products vegan for a long time,  they can even be found in the vegan section of Cocktail Cosmetics (although this will soon cease to be the case as they have pulled distribution and will only be able to be bought direct from their own site). But there is SOOOOO MUCH information now out there saying Lime Crime is are indeed NOT vegan as well as alluding to all sorts of shady shenanigans. Claims that they have bought cosmetics wholesale and simply changed the packaging, claims that they have threatened to sue bloggers for simply giving their products a bad review, claims that they're ripping off other brands....the list continues. 
There is some pretty nasty and personal stuff out there, most of it targeted directly at Lime Crime founder Xenia (aka Doe Deere) and quite unnecessary. However one blog which I believe to be reliable on this matter is Oh Dear Doe Deere. The writer of this, Nicola, has done her research!! This is one gal who knows whats she's taking about and strives to information unlike some of the other sites I've seen on the matter.

Urban Decay - Urban Decay were once champions of the cruelty free and, bar one hick-up with the Vegan Eye Pallet, were much loved by followers of cruelty free. They had good products in a great range of colours and vegan items were clearly marked. Unfortunately in 2012 they were bought over by notorious animal testers L'Oreal. L'Oreal then decided to take them into China where animal testing is compulsory, carried out by the Chinese government. After a rather fierce consumer backlash they then turned on their heels and announced that they would no longer be entering the Chinese market.
While that is great news, they are still owned by animal testing giant L'Oreal. There are two schools of though on weather to still buy from companies like Urban Decay; those who feel that by purchasing their products that they are sending a message to companies like L'Oreal that they should change their ways as consumers want to shop 'cruelty free' and will not purchase from the mother company. And then there are those who will now consider Urban Decay to no longer be cruelty free until L'Oreal, and all companies under their umbrella, change their ways. I am of the latter, I want no part of them, regardless of their retaining their PETA and Leaping Bunny symbols.

Body Shop - This one breaks my heart. Again, pioneers of cruelty free (with all products vegetarian) and sending out the ethical message well before it was 'trendy', they were bought over by L'Oreal in 2006. They have never tried to take then into China, but other than that the above information applies.

Liz Earle - Almost the same again. All vegetarian products and they have maintained their Leaping Bunny status, but are owned by Avon. Avon are another one who denounced their cruelty free ways and decided China was the way to go (although they have not taken Liz Earle with them).

Thanks for reading. 
And always remember...Lady Bon loves you...